The Maywood Home is beautiful property with one of the most sweeping, unobstructed views in all of Portland. The steep landscape and nearby new construction at the time of sale made for a few challenges, but even more opportunity to get some wonderful images and video. During this shoot we used a drone to get powerful aerial video footage for the campaign.

The Crockett Home was a renovated mid-century modern in a very desirable neighborhood. It had beautiful, but partially obstructed views so I tried to convey that sense of space and openness by concentrating on the interiors by framing them with less detailed exteriors.

The Lake Padden Home was a beautiful property with strong selling points such as a sweeping view, clean modern aesthetics and lots of light. On paper, there were a few unusual aspects of this home that I thought might deter potential buyers from going in and experiencing how wonderful this home really was in-person. As a practical matter, these elements actually made it more interesting and livable. This is a long, narrow home that feels incredibly spacious inside. This design affords more light and takes better advantage of the geography, affording magnificent views from every quadrant of the home. It feels tranquil and private despite being adjacent to an older highway, now used primarily for local traffic.