CASE STUDY - Olive Us Premium Olive Oil & Vinegar Shops


Olive Us Oils has three locations and a surprisingly huge variety of products.  Some of their inventory is stable and available perennially, but much of it is seasonal, or dependent on factors such as demand, availability, price and more. They create items such as gift baskets and other custom products for holidays, weddings, business meetings and other special events.

Therefore, their photography and videography needs are substantial. My goal is always to supply them with the highest quality, visually appealing and brand appropriate imagery possible when and as they need it.

Web Design

In late 2017, Olive Us Oils approached me to redesign their website. They wanted a site that better reflected their unique and beautiful retail spaces, their products and carefully crafted brand. They also requested the ability to curate their own content, blog posts and imagery.

After research and planning, I designed and delivered a new WordPress site and provided instruction on how to self-service the content. Part of the rebuild process was a reassessment and redesign of the information organization, navigational design (UI) and more. This greatly improved usability and accessibility.


When the owners were setting up their business in 2013, they contracted me to design their logo, branding and print collateral. They were very happy with the results and we've enjoyed a long business relationship ever since. As it turned out, their fledgling venture has been successful beyond their wildest imagination and they've expanded from one location to three.

While most of the work I presently do for them is photo and video related, I still create a substantial amount of print collateral material that ranges from labels, tent cards, t-shirts and more. It's a nice change for me and allows me to more fully leverage my background in design and creative direction.