There's just something magical about an aerial perspective isn't there? Seeing the world from a bird's eye view, feeling like you're flying... makes even the most familiar scenes seem fresh, new and slightly otherworldly. I LOVE flying!

Using aerial footage is a powerful way to establish location and context for any cinematic project. It's a key narrative tool in many films. This is especially true for real-estate videos where storytelling is used to create emotional connection with the buyer.

I really love time-lapse video  for not only establishing location context, but also for suggesting the passage of time. A time-lapse that spans a period of minutes may look and last much like one that spans days, weeks, or even years, but the emotions and messages will be vastly different.

The process of creating a time-lapse video can be fairly straightforward, or dreadfully complicated. It's always fun though, and I love the challenges it can present.


Filming isn't even the first part of a successful video production. Pre-Production and Planning are essential tasks on every video project, no matter how short or simple it might at first seem.

Film editing is the unsung hero in cinema. A good editor can make a mediocre film look great whereas poor editing will ruin even the best footage and performance. Solid titles and motion graphics are also key components in a compelling video.